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After over 30 years as a metal sculptor,  I have turned my attention to creating artwork using recyclable materials.  I have always been drawn to experimentation and exploration and I wanted to use a material that was versatile but where a large studio wasn't necessary.

I have found that a simple everyday material (cardboard) can be recycled and used to create a sophisticated piece of art.  Textures that are created by the material gives the viewer an art piece that is not only beautiful but draws them into the many and varied textures within.

I have found beauty in work that allows and even encourages imperfections by using materials that have been used exclusive of their original purpose.  The freedom from perfection allows an unwavering exploration of creativity.

By using a wide range of materials such as canvas, cardboard, paper, plaster, acrylic paint and mark making tools as well as a variety of other objects, I believe the transformation has begun........enjoy!

For those interested in my past sculptural works, please view my other website: artistsculptor.wixsite.com